How to remove logs on Minecraft the server

How to remove logs on Minecraft the server

Existence of the server - excellent help for the fans of Minecraft who are eager to play with friends by own rules. However the pleasure from such gameplay is capable to spoil emergence of logs fairly. In what way to eliminate them and to prevent emergence of new?

When the reason in "iron" and installations

Many beginning "maynkrafter", having faced logs on own recently created server, are ready to become despondent because of them. Still - the planned excellent gameplay with friends did not turn out! However in a similar situation it is better not to indulge in sad reflections, and to become thoughtful about what can be the reason of errors in work of the game application.

Sometimes the solution will be obvious - if it is in the power of the computer, far from the ideal, selected as a host for the server. The gamer creating own multi-user site should be in this plan a realist. The PC which is hardly coping with a singlpleyer "will not pull" the server in any way - even if only the two-three of people will play there.


Therefore the fan of Minecraft dreaming of a multipleyerny resource should become thoughtful about acquisition of rather powerful "iron" - with high capacity of random access memory, good frequency of the processor and other important strategic parameters. However, software on it also should be installed intelligently.

It becomes frequent the reason of logs the "beaten" plug-in or other software product causing failures in functioning of the server. To prevent such errors, not a sin to take installers for all game additions only from reliable sources. Besides, it is impossible to overload with them the server - it is necessary to install only those plug-ins which the playground is really capable to sustain and which on it are really necessary.

Software products for elimination of logs

If with a power of the hosting computer, it seems, there are no problems, and software on it is installed normal, and the server at the same time all the same with enviable constancy lags, it is advisable to become thoughtful about installation of the special additions capable to save from such troubles. Them enough is released, and the creator of the multi-user playground needs only to select that it will approach in its situation more.

For example, it can stop the choice on ClearLagg - the plug-in which is optimizing load of the server and turning off on it those functions that is caused by logs. Control in this case is exercised by means of the special commands allowing to stop, for example, chain reaction of dynamite - if at the playground there are griferstvuyushchy gamers constructing the whole towers from TNT and then activating explosive that in an instant "will lay" the server.

Besides, this plug-in reduces use of random access memory and also limits number of different objects in the game world. There is an opportunity to disconnect not used chanka, to see the list of those of them that is caused by logs, to limit actions of users through the Permissions function, etc.

However, it should be taken into account also other plug-ins with similar properties. So, NoLagg will increase resistance of the server to the different factors causing failures in its functioning: to dynamite explosions, numerous track, etc. Also Stackie plug-in helps systematize the last, and for elimination of unnecessary messages in excessively "expanded" chat it is worth using ICleartheChat. Such software products and their analogs will be the true help for the creator of the Minecraft server in overcoming logs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team