How to remove meta name generator

How to remove meta name generator

The section HEAD of web pages in the HTML format or XHTML can include the META elements containing any information. Among them there can be an element with the name attribute installed in generator value. Contents of the content attribute of this element indicate means which generated the page. For the purpose of safety many web masters prefer to remove this element from pages of the websites.

It is required to you

  • - access to the CMS admin panel;
  • - access to the website server on FTP;
  • - text editor with a possibility of saving in widespread codings.


1. Disconnect a meta tag output with name property, the important generator in settings of the used content management system. If the website functions on the basis of modern CMS, then this functionality, most likely, can be disconnected by administrative tools.

Enter the CMS control panel with the account of the administrator or user having the rights of change of system settings. Pass into appropriate section. Disconnect a meta-tag output.

The way of forming and change of contents of the HEAD element of the page depends on the CMS type. Perhaps, for blocking of an output of a certain tag will be to disconnect one of options enough. Perhaps, it is necessary to deactivate any module of addition or to edit the list of meta-tags manually.

2. Remove the meta tag with name equal to generator, by editing a template of heading of the page of the current theme of the website working under control of CMS. As a rule, content management systems form a necessary set of meta-tags and add it to headings of the generated pages. But any tags can be strictly registered in templates.

Load the file of a template of heading of pages of the current theme of the website on a disk of the local computer under the FTP protocol. Change it in the text editor. Unload this file back on the server, having replaced the original.

3. Remove a meta-tag output with name generator in headings of pages of the website by means of change of files of the source code of the content management system. In some CMS the meta-tag identifying the engine is compulsorily entered to a set of meta-tags of all pages therefore not to do without editing of the code.

Unpack the CMS distribution kit in the temporary folder on a disk of the local computer or load files of the engine from the server by means of the FTP client. Run for search of a fragment of generator by contents of the CMS files. View the found files, study the source code. Comment out the code fragments responsible for an output of the necessary meta-tag. Replace the CMS files on the server with their changed options.

4. Remove meta name generator from pages of the static website. Load files of pages at which there is this tag, from the website server in the temporary folder of the hard drive of the computer. Use the program the FTP client. Edit files, having excluded the necessary meta-tag from the section HEAD. Use the text editor which will be able to save files in initial coding. Unload the changed files on the server.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team