How to remove selection of the link

How to remove selection of the link

Design of a post in the blog or on other Internet resource not necessarily requires selections of links. In certain cases the mention of third-party materials and sources should be hidden. In such cases the author uses the HTML language in creation of the text.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - link;
  • - text.


1. Open the page of creation of the new blog posting or on the website. Make sure that the text is entered in the HTML-editing mode, but not through the visual editor. In the second case the used tags will not be transformed to links, and and will remain character set.

2. Elementary tags for design allow to disguise the address in its standard view a word or two. The code will be such: <href= "" source address""> text of the link </a>. However at such design the link will be selected all the same: text color will differ, besides, underlining is added.

3. The first way to get rid of selection of the link – underlining is simple to remove. In that case the text of the link will look just as the selected phrase. Thus tags for its design look: <href= "" link address"" style= "" text-decoration: none;""> text of the link </a>. At such design the text color should be replaced also that it matched the color of the link.

4. The second option allows to hide completely the link and does it indistinguishable from the main message. Tags: <href= "" address"" style= "" text-decoration: none; color: black;""> the text of the link </a> - not only is saved from underlining, but also changes color. In a specific case it is black, but for the message select the color similar to the basic.

5. Open preview of the message. Check appearance and activity of the link, having clicked on it. It is important that and after click color of the link did not change. If everything is correct, save the message.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team