How to remove the gateway of the Internet

How to remove the gateway of the Internet

Installation of the SP1a updates of the Client of Detection and Control of Gateways of the Internet application in the Windows XP operating system – an optional component. For this reason it can be deleted. It is possible to make it in several ways.


1. Click "Start-up" to open the main menu of the program and to delete the Client of Detection and Control of Gateways of the Internet application. After that pass into the section "Control panel". Open the Installation and Removal of Programs point, use function under the name "Installation of the Windows Components".

2. Click the Network services point, expand its clicking the Structure buttons. In the field with the inscription "Client of Detection and Service Management of the Internet" deselect a checkbox and click on "OK" for confirmation of the choice.

3. For saving changes press Next. Then click on "Is ready" for authorization of performing operation on removal of the selected component. To apply the saved changes, reboot (for Windows XP).

4. At the same time key Win+K to cause a dialog a floor the name "Execute", and in the Open field enter the inscription cmd (for Windows 7).

5. Click "OK" for authorization of start of the command line utility. Then in the field of the command interpreter enter ipconfig/all value. Find a line under the name "Gateway by Default", for check of its working capacity use syntax of ping ip_adres_shlyuza (for Windows 7 OS).

6. Click "OK" to authorize start of the command line, and enter value. Use syntax after you find a line with a name.

7. Reboot the device used to get Internet access if execution of the command of ping is impossible. Complete the work of the anti-virus application and the installed program of a brandmauzer.

8. After reset of the computer connect again the device which is used for Internet connection to correct the existing errors (Windows 7 OS).

9. Never use the recommendations about editing the system file which are found on the Internet under the name sysoc.inf. It can result in the wrong operability of the Windows operating system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team