How to remove the homepage

How to remove the homepage

The starting (house) page is a page which is loaded in a browser window by default at each its start or when clicking the button "Home or a certain keyboard shortcut (a Ctrl-space in Opera, Alt-Home in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). But not each homepage is useful to the user therefore they can be moved away easily.

It is required to you

  • Internet observer


1. As the most popular web browsers are considered: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. In each observer the change of the homepage happens on a certain algorithm.

2. Internet Explorer:
In a context menu we click "Service, then "Internet Options. In the opened window we select a tab "The general in which it is possible to change starting page to current, or to move away her, having pressed the button "Empty. The address in the field will change for the line "about:blank, it will mean that you successfully removed the homepage, having replaced it with empty.

3. Mozilla Firefox:
We come into "Tools – "Settings – "The Main. "Start - instead of "Show the home page in the paragraph we select "Show the empty page. At start of the Internet observer before you there will be empty page.

4. Google Chrome:
Developers of this browser disguised the necessary menu item a wrench icon. In the upper right corner press on it and select "Parameters. In the opened window, "The main, near an inscription "The homepage, check a tab opposite "Open the page of quick access. Close a window. Subsequently, at start instead of the home page you will see the page of quick access which can be configured at your discretion.

5. Opera:
To remove the homepage, it is necessary to press the button "The menu and to select "Settings, and then to pass into "General settings. At the same time the new window will open. Select a tab "The main and among several options select "Open the express panel. Now, at the time of start, instead of the homepage there will be a configured express panel.

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