How to rename a user name

How to rename a user name

The Microsoft Windows XP operating system allows to register any number of users. All users are subdivided on ""Administrator"" of the computer or the ""Limited record"" differing with the rights of access and control of the computer.

It is required to you

  • - Windows XP


1. Click "Start-up" for a call of the main menu and pass into "Control panel" for creation of new registration records user.

2. Select the Creation of the Account item in the opened Accounts of Users window.

3. Enter a name of the created user in the Enter an Account Name field and press Next.

4. Lift a checkbox on a desirable account type in the field "Account type selection" and confirm command execution with clicking of the Create the Account button.

5. Select the Change of the Account item in the Accounts of Users window for change of display options of the user in a system.

6. Use the Change of a Name function for change of a name of the user account.
Enter a desirable name in the Change of a Name field for change of a user name.

7. Use the Creation of the Password function for change of a user password. Enter the new password in the Enter the New Password field and repeat it in the field of "Enter the Password for Confirmation". Specify the hint in the Enter a Word or a Phrase Serving as the Hint about the Password field.

8. Use the Change of an Account Type function for modification of access rights of the user.

9. Use the Change of the Image function for change of an avatar of the user.
Select one of the offered standard drawings and click "Change the Drawing" or use search of the images which are stored on the computer for the choice of the desirable drawing.

10. Select the Delete the Password item for full removal of a user password.

11. Select the Delete the Account item for full removal of information about the user.

12. Put a checkbox in the field of "Use the Page of a Greeting" for display of a window with icons of all users when loading a system. Deselect a checkbox for display of a standard window with the offer to enter a user name and the password.

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