How to replace an avatar

How to replace an avatar

Today services provide two options of change of an avatar of the user: loading of the image from the computer and loading of the image from the Internet. Each of ways has the advantages.

It is required to you

  • Internet access


1. To replace an avatar of the account, you need initially to be authorized on service. After you visit the website under the login, you need to turn into settings of your profile. Usually settings of the account are carried out in the section "My Office". Having appeared in this menu, select the Change an Avatar item and follow the corresponding link. Here you will be able to set the new image for the account.

2. Loading of the image from any website on the Internet. You can set as an avatar any picture from the Internet which to you attracted. For this purpose click with the right mouse button the picture and select an option "Copy the Image Address the image. In a personal account select the Load an Avatar from the URL Address item and in the appeared line, enter the copied picture address, having clicked the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. Minus of this method is the fact that during removal of the picture from the website it will be deleted from your profile.

3. Loading of the image from the computer. Select the corresponding menu in a personal account and, having pressed the Browse button, find the picture necessary to you on the computer. Save settings then, the image will appear in your profile. You can also save at first the image which was pleasant to you on the Internet on the computer. For this purpose you need to click with the right mouse button the picture and to select an option "Save the Image". In that case your avatar will be constantly displayed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team