How to replace HR with Windows 7

How to replace HR with Windows 7

Change of the operating system - process quite long and difficult if not to have skill of the advanced user in respect of access with computer programs. However it is possible to make reinstallation of OS, following some simple instructions.

It is required to you

  • The computer with the connected Internet, the USB stick or a disk with OS.


1. Read about the system requirements imposed on Windows 7 to the computer hardware. The fact is that technical capabilities of your computer can be insufficient for normal work of this operating system. It is known that with transition of the Microsoft company to operating systems of the Windows 7 family of the requirement to the equipment sharply increased in connection with the improved visual effects of the OS interface.

2. Determine system parameters of your computer. For this purpose open the Start menu, further "My computer". Click the System Parameters button. In the appeared window you can see the main system characteristics of the computer, that is processor frequency, its model, random access memory capacity. Compare these parameters to those that are shown by Windows 7 developers. If the performance of your computer is insufficient, then it is not recommended to make installation.

3. Use a CD disk with the operating system for its installation if that is available. If OS is on the computer in the form of the image file, then it is necessary to write previously it on a disk. Writing OS on the empty CD-R, make sure that the boot drive is created. Also you can create the boot USB stick and install OS from it. It will allow to make installation process by more high-speed. For this purpose you need the UltraISO program. Also with its help you can write the file image of the operating system on a disk if you have the writing disk drive. Pay attention that the memory size of a disk or the USB stick should be not less than the size of the copy of OS.

4. Insert a disk or the USB stick with OS into the disk drive and reboot. At the beginning of its loading key F2. The BIOS program allowing to set loading parameters will open. Pass into the section Boot. Here you will see the list of devices which the computer when loading arranged as loading lowering of the priority contacts. Deliver the first in the list your disk or the USB stick, and on the second place – the hard drive. Key F10 for saving parameters. Reboot.

5. After loading of the computer the installer of the operating system representing the installation wizard will open. Initially it will be offered to you to make necessary changes in hard drive partitions. If the data which are available in his memory to you are valuable, then you should not resort to formatting of sections, miss this step, passing to directly installation of a system.

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