How to replace Windows 7 with XP

How to replace Windows 7 with XP

Reinstallation of the Windows 7 operating system with replacement it on Windows XP has a number of features, connected, generally with absence of full-fledged technical support of computers with Windows XP OS.

It is required to you

  • The computer with the connected Internet, the USB stick or a disk with OS.


1. Before installation of the new operating system be engaged in saving the valuable data on the hard drive of your computer. Copy all necessary files on external media, such as external hard drive, USB stick or normal disk if there is a recording capability. If on the computer any important programs are installed, then they will not manage to be saved therefore take care of that you had opportunity to install all necessary programs on new OS.

2. Pay attention that the Windows XP operating system has no possibility of installation from the USB stick in the standard ways. Therefore if your computer is the netbook or the laptop which does not have the disk drive, then to you it is worth or using a specialized software for creation of the boot Windows XP USB stick or to buy the external disk drive connected through USB port.

3. If the Windows XP operating system is on the hard drive of your computer, then it is necessary to create a boot CD disk previously. For this purpose use such third-party programs as Nero Express or UltraISO. In each of them there is an opportunity how to copy the folder from OS on a disk, doing it boot, and to write an image of the OS file, creating its disk copy.

4. Insert a disk with the operating system into the disk drive and reboot. Log into the BIOS system. For this purpose key F2 or DELETE when loading the computer. In the Boot menu there is a list of the devices loaded in turn. Arrange them in such order that the disk drive was in the first place, and on the second – the hard drive. Reboot, having keyed F10 for saving parameters.

5. Follow indications of the installation wizard of the operating system until its full completion. After the first reset of the computer remove a disk with OS from the disk drive, it is not required to you any more.

6. Installing hardware drivers after completion of installation process, you remember that they should be intended for Windows XP OS. If for any device there is no suitable driver, it is possible to use and newer version focused on application in Windows 7 however there are no guarantees that the device will correctly work.

7. Pay attention that in 2014 the technical support of the Windows XP operating system ended, thus, you will have no opportunity to receive the latest system updates, including security updates of the operating system.

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