How to resolve an input

How to resolve an input

Permission of a login to the Windows XP operating system without password protection is rather often used by users though it and leads to decrease in security of the computer. Experts do not recommend similar action if this is not about the only user of a system.


1. Open the main menu of the Windows system of the version of XP by clicking of the Start-up button for initiation of the procedure of permission of user login without password and pass into a dialog "Execute". Enter controluaserpasswords2 value in the line "Open" and confirm command execution, having pressed the OK button.

2. Deselect a checkbox in the field "Require input of a user name and the password" in the opened Accounts of Users dialog box and confirm the made changes with clicking of the Apply button. Authorize execution of the chosen command by introduction of the admin password in the line "Password" in the following dialog box and repeat the same action in the field "Confirmation".

3. Confirm application of the saved changes with clicking of the OK button for completion of operation and closing of all open windows twice or return to a dialog "Execute" for implementation of the alternative procedure of canceling of password login. Enter regedit value in the field "Open" for start of the Editor of the Register utility and confirm command execution with clicking of the fnuktsionalny ENTER key.

4. Open a branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionWinlogon and open a dialog box of properties of the DefaultUserName key by doubleclick of a mouse. Enter the admin password and authorize action by clicking of the OK button. Open a dialog box of properties of the DefaultPassword key doubleclick of a mouse and enter value of the admin password to the line "Value". Confirm the powers with clicking of the OK button and expand the AutoAdminLogon key doubleclick of a mouse. Print value 1 in the line "Value" and confirm the choice, having pressed the OK button.

5. Complete the work of the utility of the editor and execute reset of a system for application of perfect changes. This action will lead to automatic login of the user. Pay attention that the format of the DefaulUsename key of the computer entering the domain should look as an imya_domenaimya_polzovatel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team