How to restart Internet Explorer

How to restart Internet Explorer

Users of Internet Explorer often face need of restart of the browser. The system can ask to restart the browser as in case of installation of expansions and additions for the browser, and at hangup of the program. In the first case we can close/open the browser, and here in another everything on so simple. To restart the hung-up Internet Explorer we need to open Windows task manager – the program allowing to manage all processes started on the computer.

It is required to you

  • - Internet Explorer browser;
  • - Windows task manager.


1. It is possible to open Windows task manager having clicked with the right mouse button on free space of the task bar located in the lower part of the screen. In a context menu select "Task manager".

2. If the computer does not react to actions of a mouse, try to click the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard shortcuts.

3. "Task manager" will appear on the screen, and you will see several tabs. Find the Applications tab, as a rule the program opens on it. In a window all programs started at present and its status will be displayed.

4. Find in the list of the Internet Explorer programs. If the program really ceased to respond to actions of the user, it will have the corresponding status.

5. Select Internet Explorer with left click, and click "Remove a task" in the lower part of a window. Confirm action with clicking of the OK button.

6. If in addition to Internet Explorer in the list there are programs with the status "does not answer", complete them.

7. Sometimes, as this action does not bring desirable result. In that case go to the Processes tab in "Task manager".

8. In a window all processes started on the computer and also additional information on them will be displayed. Find in the list the file with the name iexplore.exe.

9. Select process with left click. Click "Complete process" in the lower part of a window and confirm the action, having clicked "Yes".

10. Close a window of "Task manager" and start the browser, having double-clicked on its icon on a desktop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team