How to restore a firewall

How to restore a firewall

Any operating system has the pluses and minuses. To minuses usually attribute unstable work of its components. On this case the software developers thought up technology of return to default settings.

It is required to you

  • Operating system of the Windows family.


1. As a part of internal programs of operating systems of Windows there is a firewall which main objective is protection of files of the system section against intervention of the malware. For any software working under Windows there is such concept as "Factory defaults" or "Default settings". It is possible to restore former work of a product literally in several clicks of a mouse.

2. Use often this technology at impossibility of return of perfect operations. For restoring to defaults of a firewall of a system it is necessary to execute its start. Click the Start menu and select the Control panel element. In the opened window double click on the Windows Firewall icon.

3. In the left part of a window click "Restore by Default" (for the Windows Vista and Seven systems). At emergence of a window with request of password entry enter it and click confirmation. For the Windows XP operating system in the opened window pass to In the addition tab and click "By default" in the Parameters block. In the opened window with request for modification click "Yes".

4. Except positive sides, this method has also negative. Once allowed programs will be completely blocked by means of a firewall therefore in that case it is necessary to spend extra time for their setup.

5. However it is not the only way of recovery of former correct work of the software. The same effect can achieve when using the System recovery tool which is located in the Start menu (section "Office"). After its start it is necessary to select date and to click "Recovery".

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