How to restore a page of VKontakte

How to restore a page of VKontakte

Cannot you visit the page of VKontakte? Attentively check correctness of writing of the login or password. If all data are right, most likely, cracked you. Or the page was blocked by administration of the website. In this case instead of the main photo quite unattractive "physiognomy" is highlighted. Do not despair: not all is lost. The page can be restored.

It is required to you

  • - computer (or phone) with Internet connection;
  • - phone with number which was specified at registration on the website,
  • - your login for an input on the page;
  • - new password.


1. For a start you need to visit the page of restoring access on the website to the address: http// Here from you it will be required to enter the data: the mailbox address, the login or the phone number tied to the page. If all of you were correct, before you in small "window" the picture with the code which for further work needs to be entered in the empty field will open. Be attentive! Be not mistaken! You enter the code as it is specified. If letters and digits are entered truly, before you the page, access to which you needed to restore, will open. It is possible "to recognize" it by a personal photo, a surname, a name and the place of residence. If your data which opened before you, safely click a window with the inscription "Yes, It Is the Necessary Page".

2. If you do not remember the login or "name" of a box, seize the opportunity to restore access to the page to its address. For this purpose on the page select the lower link with the inscription "click here".

3. Before you the page to which it is necessary to restore access will open. Here it will be offered to you to fill out the questionnaire form where it is necessary to specify the phone number (old and available), e-mail and other data.

4. If the found page does not correspond to required request, select pages, about the photo, a window with the inscription "If It Is not That Page to Which It Is Necessary to Restore Access, Click Here" on the right. Click the selected link and pass to the address where you will be asked to enter the phone number to which your page is tied. Within several minutes on phone the sms will come with the code. It will need to be specified in the following opened window. Then it will be offered to you to enter the login and the new password. They will be duplicated later the message on your phone number.

5. After the performed operations visit the homepage of the website and enter the updated data – the login and the password. Everything is ready. Now you can "meet" again and on full to communicate in your favourite VKontakte.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team