How to restore bookmarks in Yandex

How to restore bookmarks in Yandex

You are for certain familiar with very convenient service "Yandex of a Bookmark". With its help it is possible to create the directory from the bookmarks in the browser or to make them directly of network. It is possible to use such directory from any computer. Unfortunately, if you unintentionally or specially deleted a bookmark from the directory, it will be impossible to restore it. But an output is.

It is required to you

  • Internet, Yandex of a Bookmark service


1. Register on the website if you still did not make it. Visit the page to the address: For saving your bookmarks click the Export tab. In the opened window select "Save the file" and click OK.

2. Bookmarks are pumped over entirely, all directory. The file is saved under the name of bookmarks.html in the folder of loading of your browser. If you do not know what the folder is, look in settings of the browser. Or on the page of loading click the downloaded file and in a context menu you will select "Show the file in the folder".

3. Create in "My documents" the folder, for example, of "A bookmark from Yandex". Move to it the bookmarks.html file.

4. Rename the file, for example, 19_03_2012 – by date of creation or as it is pleasant to you. Do not delete expansion (.html).

5. Periodically export your bookmarks from Yandex.

6. For recovery of bookmarks visit the service and become authorized. Click the Import tab. In the field "From where" select "From the file" and press the Browse button.

7. Find the Bookmarks from Yandex folder, and in it the file necessary to you. In the field of "In the Existing Folder" select a root folder (the topmost if is). Otherwise bookmarks will be duplicated. In the You not the Robot field enter target figures and click "Import".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team