How to restore the certificate of WebMoney

How to restore the certificate of WebMoney

The WebMoney system was developed in strict accordance with requirements for safety of information exchange and monetary circulation online. Three types of authorization of users are provided in it: the files with secret keys password-protected; personal digital certificates and e-Num system. All operations with money in a system are made in a protected mode. It facilitates saving personal and financial information, but, unfortunately, complicates an operation algorithm with a system.


1. Use of digital certificates, in particular, provides storage of the special document file coded by the digital signature on the hard drive of the computer and also as the system advises, its duplication on the removable medium of information. But the person is so suited. that it is possible to lose even such important files. Besides certificates are required to be updated from time to time, and some users can physically not manage to make it, and the new digital file is stored very not for long. Fortunately, the procedure of recovery is provided in a system.

2. Enter on the website, enter number WMID. If you do not remember the identifier, then he can be recognized via the website Enter date of the birth. On the screen there will be an inscription ""New Request for Recovery of Control of WMID"", and on your e-mail the letter will come with further instructions.

3. Visit at the link specified in the letter to confirm the application. The system will ask several questions concerning personal data, for example whether ""You have an access to phone which number comes to an end on XXXX"". If it is the last digits of your mobile number, press ""Yes, access is"". You receive a sms with the 9-unit test code. Enter this code in the respective field and click to Continue. If the message does not come for a long time, check serviceability of the SIM card or click ""the SMS it is not received"".

4. Enter the answer to a control question, for example, ""A maiden name of mother"". Check opposite ""With regulations of recovery of control he is acquainted and agrees. I confirm that I am the owner of WMID"". Click to Continue.

5. If all data are entered correctly, you will see the message ""The application is successfully submitted"" and also an additional control word which needs to be remembered or written. You receive the recovery link of the certificate by e-mail. The password on an input will be transferred in the following letter or in the form of a sms.

6. In most cases recovery takes place smoothly, but sending the scanned statement certified by the notary sometimes is required. If you correctly entered the data and answered questions, then such measure does not threaten you.

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