How to restore the file system without data loss

How to restore the file system without data loss

Removable flash drives, for example, of the Memory Stick memory card are an easy way of data storage of large volumes on different devices. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be a damage of their file system that can destroy all data. You can try to restore a system and its files by means of the program of recovery of files.


1. Use the external device for reading cards. Insert the Memory Stick memory card into the corresponding slot of the computer if your machine has the internal card reader. Buy the external card reader and connect it to USB port of the computer if you have no corresponding built-in device.

2. Open the Start menu and click "My computer" to display the list of the devices connected to the computer. Find an icon with a name which corresponds to your Memory Stick card. Right-click and press the Format button in a pop-up menu which will appear immediately.

3. Make sure that in the Format menu the NTFS value is set. Leave other default options. Click "Start-up" and wait, formatting of Memory Stick will not be completed yet.

4. Download the Recover My Files program on the Internet if your computer has no already installed utility for recovery of files. Load and install this application for recovery of the software.

5. Open the application and press the Set Parameters Manually button according to the link in the lower part of the screen. Go to the Search tab and click the Search of Remote Files checkbox.

6. Click OK, and then key "Complete Recovery after Formatting". Click "Further". Find an icon of your Memory Stick memory card in the center of the screen and click on it. Press Next once again.

7. View the list of file formats and click the corresponding file type corresponding to data which were on Memory Stick. Click "Graphics" if on the Memory Stick memory card there were image files, or "Audio" if you want to restore music. Select all types of files if them was much and you wish to restore everything.

8. Select "Further", and then click "Start-up". Scroll down file list which will be found by the recovery utility. Click each file which you want to restore, and then click "Save files".

9. Specify the folder on the Memory Stick memory card or on the hard drive of your computer where you want to save the restored files. Click "Save" to finish recovery of the lost data.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team