How to restore the log of visit of the Internet

How to restore the log of visit of the Internet

For recovery of necessary information which was erased from browser history it is possible to use specially created programs or to try to recover information by means of settings of content. There is no explicit permission of this problem, everything depends on what information needs to be recovered and what processes happened after the log of visit was cleaned.


1. For the solution of this task it is the best of all to invite the person formed in this area who is able to handle the computer and knows the last opportunities and new technologies, services of different programs and browsers.

2. If the object to solve a problem most is set, then it is possible to try several options. Generally in the right corner of the open browser there is an icon of the Setup function. Having opened function, find the Settings of Content point, this point can be, for example, in "Advanced settings". Further we click "All cookies and data". Here the addresses in the order of their visit will not be painted, but all websites left about themselves a mark.

3. Try to restore a story with the help of the program of system recovery of System Restore Explorer or Easy Recovery. They allow to restore all system of work on the computer or separate necessary functions in browsers. It is possible to understand similar programs in online instructions, but do it not on the same computer on which recovery of history is necessary.

4. It is possible restore the remote picture or the specific downloaded file in the history by means of the name or by means of the TinEye system. It looks for the necessary image similar to the initial provided picture. It is very convenient to use if you need to find an original site of the loaded material of a certain image.

5. You open the Cache Viewer extension and look for the necessary file and all its attributes – the name, the address and other.

6. Restore all created history can be it is almost impossible, but, to find the main points of visit quite possibly. Remember that the modern history is written over old in any browsers therefore you do not visit the websites, do not use searchers and do not open personal accounts in browsers – it can create failure, and the old story cannot be restored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team