How to restore the page on the Internet

How to restore the page on the Internet

Every day people find a set of different information in the Internet. Some it is relevant at present, and something will become necessary later. How to return on the page which you visited earlier?


1. If you did not change setup of your web browser, then by default it saves the history of the pages visited by you. If you remember in what day you saw necessary information, then it will be quite easy for you to return to the visited page. In "Menu" of your browser open the History folder or "Log" (depending on the browser). Select time in which you visited the page necessary to you: "Today", "Yesterday", "This week", "Current month". Click the corresponding folder, and it will open the list of the sites visited for this period of time. Find the page necessary to you and left-click on it. The browser immediately will open a tab with the restored page.

2. If you accidentally closed a tab necessary to you, but the browser is still open, it will be very easy to restore it. Right-click on a line where all open tabs are located. In the appeared context menu select a task "Restore the closed tab", and the closed page immediately will be restored.

3. It is more difficult to recover information from the page which was deleted. Fortunately, all remote information some time is saved in a cache of the search page. To find the page in a cache of memory of Google, enter in an address bar of the browser "cache:". In this combination of "" replace with the address of the necessary page.

4. If you want to restore the page deleted from social network use settings of the website or the section "Help" (F.A.Q.). If rules of social network allow to restore remote accounts, information on it it will be obligatory in this section. For recovery you will need to specify the login and the password which you used and also the e-mail address to which the remote page was attached.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team