How to resume loading

How to resume loading

On the Internet there are a lot of websites with useful information which can free of charge be downloaded on the computer for acquaintance and noncommercial use. But when downloading sometimes there are unforeseen technical issues, and it is necessary to know how to resume the interrupted loading.


1. It is sometimes difficult to wait for release of a new album of favorite band or the expected movie with great cast. And here when long-awaited files appear on the Internet in free access, there is a wish to download them immediately. However and there are unpleasant situations in the form of cutoff of light, an error of the computer or the interrupted Internet connection. That such incidents did not spoil the downloaded part of the file, it is always possible to resume loading.

2. The way of downloading of information depends on the website on which you find it. The majority of the websites offer downloading directly by means of the special program which is built in the browser. Therefore if there are problems with loading, it is necessary to solve it in the section "Loadings" of your Web browser.

3. Open the folder of loadings showing real process of downloading of information. In the Opera browser it is the separate Loadings tab, in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrom browsers the folder of loadings is by default contracted on the bottom panel of the dug-out window. Expand a window by means of a mouse, having pressed the Deploy standard button or having used "Toolbar" in the menu of the Web browser. The standard "creeping" band of loading shows how many percent of information are downloaded on the computer and also she predicts approximate time of future downloading.

4. For maintaining integrity of the file it is desirable not to interrupt unexpectedly loading, that is not to arrange interruptions in system operation, such as hangup, reset or power off. If you need to stop process of downloading of information, press the Stop, Stop or Suspend button, its name varies depending on the browser. Do not delete the downloaded part of the file.

5. When you have an opportunity to ensure long functioning of the computer without interruption, open the Loadings tab of your browser, select with a mouse the name of the file to which loading you want to return. At its selection there will be active control buttons downloading. Click on "Continue loading", sometimes it is designated by a character of a triangle "Play". After a while after verification of information the loading of the file will continue from the interrupted place.

6. If you download information, having used search on a torrent websites, pay attention that loading is made by not your torrent client, but the browser. However before downloading the file, the torrent client should find to you active distributing. Therefore for resuming of loading open a torrent client, select a line with the file which loading you stopped, and press the Renew button, sometimes it looks as the sign "Pauses". After the program finds free distributing, loading will begin.

7. If you deleted a torrent file, but want to dokachat the torn-off movie, for example, you need to find a subject in which you found this version of the movie and to download a new torrent file on the computer. As usual double-click on it with a mouse and when the system suggests to specify saving path. Begin loading in the same folder, and loading will continue from the place of separation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team