How to return a remote server

How to return a remote server

Most often work of a local area network will be organized by means of a uniform remote server. Such server can also play a server role of general information, updates, or to perform other network functions. Connection with it is established during connection of the computer to network, however the user himself also can configure connection.


1. To return a remote server, that is to restore the got-off network settings, request from the network administrator of setup of the server. It should be, first of all, the server IP address and also the address range defining limits of availability of the server. Remember parameters, and write even better as the error, even small, will lead to failure and it is necessary to disturb the administrator once again.

2. To connect the computer to network, insert a LAN cable into the connector of the network interface card. Wait a little, there will not take place identification yet, and connection is not initialized. Open a window of network settings, having come into the Start menu and having selected the Network Connections item. Click with the right mouse button an icon of connection and select the Properties item.

3. You need settings of the network protocol TCP/IP. Expose there the address range which to you was told earlier by the network administrator. For example, IP servers such: Then your range will be such – 10.40.30., and IP, for example, they are

4. Open the Network environment window. It can be carried out from the control panel that is in the main menu of OS of the Windows series. Click the Display Computers of the Working Group point. When in the list of computers of network you see the server, double-click on its icon and enter the password and the login to resume connection.

5. If at you on the computer the Windows 7 operating system is installed, settings of network will happen already according to other script. Though, actually, distinctions are only that some settings of network are located in other sections. So, you can find the network connection in "Network and Sharing Center", the section of the network protocol TCP/IP – in properties of connection. Then it is necessary to check all settings, before it without having forgotten to reboot.

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