How to return money from webmoney

How to return money from webmoney

The system of calculations ""WebMoney"" allows to carry out different monetary operations on the Internet: pay bills, buy goods and services, etc. But, you see, that it is much more pleasant to hold money in hand, than to look at the digits specified on the screen. How to bring means out of this system if cash was necessary for you?

It is required to you

  • Internet, cash card


1. Use WebMoney bankings. For this purpose you need to receive the special certificate allowing to carry out different banking operations. If you have this document, just transfer money to the attached debit cash card. If you have no certificate, then issue it on the website. Different types of certificates allow to use a different set of services.

2. Visit WebMoney exchange office. Visit the website and look where there is the nearest office or the dealer of this system. Come to exchange office and change the money. At such way of withdrawal of money from you the fee in the amount of 1% will be charged.

3. Link the electronic account to the card ordered through Webmoney. It will allow you to withdraw instantly money without any commission. To receive the card, visit the page of the center of certification and receive the formal certificate, having filled out information on themselves, including passport data. After that order the card. When the card is ready, can fill up via it the account or, on the contrary, withdraw money with WebMoney without the commission.

4. Transfer money to other system. Link the account on WebMoney to any other server with a convenient way of withdrawal of money or use services of the special websites making a transfer of electronic means. After money is transferred to other system, remove in their way, convenient for you.

5. Recharge other person and take from him cash. Find the person who needs to enter money into a system, and offer him the transaction: you transfer a certain sum to its account, it gives you cash. This way is quite reliable and favorable if you know the person with whom you deal.

6. Pay utilities, mobile communication or the Internet by means of electronic means, and leave cash at yourself.

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