How to return settings of the opera

How to return settings of the opera

Each user configures often used programs on the taste, and quite often faces need to return standard settings. If you had to look for in the Opera settings a possibility of their return to values by default, you for certain know that developers of the popular browser did not provide such function. You do not hurry to despair, an output is.


1. That return settings Opera some users give advice to delete the program, and then to install it again. Such option besides that it too difficult, also does not yield the guaranteed result as the program leaves the file of setup on the computer, and at the subsequent Opera installation restores him to life, and you come to from what left.

2. For certain to return settings to original values, open Opera and pass into "Menu" - "Help" - "About the program". Before you the page on which all paths where Opera saves data will be shown will open. You need the very first Setup point.

3. Now open the final folder specified in path to settings, find in it the Operaprefs.ini file and delete it. If at you in a system the display of expansions of files is turned off, then the name of the file will be Operaprefs. Restart Opera, and the browser will open as soon as installed – all settings are returned to an initial status.

4. If you not the only user on the computer, you can not find path to the folder with settings because some folders can be hidden. To open all folders, in any window of the conductor Windows click "Service" - "Properties of the folder" - "View", and select a checkbox on the Display the Hidden Files and Folders point.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team