How to return the file on distribution

How to return the file on distribution

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Torrent websites are famous for variety of information, available on them. Rare books or old movies - everything that can interest users. But sometimes it is impossible to download information – it can be placed in archive or distributing deleted it from the computer. If appealed to you do not refuse to return the file on distribution.


1. The system known around the world a torrent websites works due to interchange. Having downloaded the file, the user does not delete it, and allows to download other "person in need", thereby upgrading the rating influencing a further possibility of downloading of files and volume of the entering information. The more the rating, the bigger size of files (for example, movies which usually "weigh" much) the user can save on the computer. If the volume of downloaded exceeds the volume of distributed, is downgraded, and possibilities of the account on the torret-website are limited. To avoid similar problems, do not delete the downloaded files and do not change their situation on the computer.

2. The file can be deleted from distribution in several ways. This removal, movement or renaming of the downloaded information (it is valid, you downloaded on the computer cinema for house viewing) and also removal, movement or renaming a torrent file which provides access to the movie. Many users do not pay attention to these small files with which loading of the movie on the computer begins, however torrents transfer to the server information on active distribution of your movie.

3. Anyway, problem with distribution resuming reparable. Find on the website the subject which is completely corresponding to the file which you want to return on distribution. For example, for the movie characteristics of a format, the translation, the name, duration etc. are obligatory. Download a torrent file of this movie on the computer. It is desirable to create previously the separate folder in which you will save all torrents.

4. Double-click on the downloaded torent-file with a mouse. The program ensuring functioning with torrents will automatically open and will suggest to install a folder path in which you want to save the movie. Select the folder in which there is a movie which you also return on distribution. If you correctly selected a subject on the website and files are identical, loading of the movie will not begin, however the movie which is already available on your computer will return on active distribution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team