How to return the home page

How to return the home page

At connection of the Internet and loading of the browser it is possible to set any website selected by the user or the address as the homepage. All famous observers have similar properties that is very convenient, especially at sudden change of the home page.

It is required to you

  • - address of the home page;
  • - the used browser.


1. Situations when in the browser the home page changed, meet quite often. Usually it happens after installation of any additional programs for work in the Internet. However, independent changes and without the reasons seen on that are frequent.

2. It is simple to return the former page for the search engine. The main thing is to know the address of the necessary page. It can be copied, having opened one of the saved bookmarks, or to enter manually in a special window.

3. And now is a little more detailed about it. All operations with the browser and its parameters are carried out by transition to the menu of setup. Here, having selected the necessary section, it is possible to install necessary for work indicators on the Internet.

4. For this purpose on the toolbar find the icon representing a wrench in Google Chrome. Click it and in the dropping-out window select the Setup item. Or for fast transition you can enter the following combination into an address bar: chrome://settings/browser. In this section the user will be able to set any parameters. But in this case it is about house or the homepage. The first window which opened after click – the section with the main settings. Attentively consider the page and in the first point - "Initial Group" - make a tag in the line "Homepage". Enter the address of the page which you want to see when loading the browser in the empty field slightly below.

5. There is one more section below. In it you can establish what page will open as main: the page of quick access offered by the browser or following. That is that which address will be specified in the field opposite to the inscription "Following Page". Make a tag opposite to this point and add the address.

6. In need of the same window, but is one point lower, in the section "Search", specify the preferable search engine. The list of available searchers will open after clicking the button with the name of the search engine in the dropping-out window then close a tab with settings and restart the browser.

7. Find in CometBird on the toolbar press the button of "Tools". Then select the section "Setup" and on the following page in a subdirectory set "Main" as the home page wishing, having entered for this purpose opposite to the line "Home page" the address necessary to you. Or use one of options: use the current page which address is specified in the field, to add from bookmarks or to enable defaults. "At start of CometBird" specify in a top line what page should be opened at start of the browser: house, empty or the windows and tabs opened last time.

8. Everything is extremely simply configured also in Mozilla Firefox. Select on the Tools top panel, then – "Settings", in the following window open the section "Main" and specify its address in the line "Home page". It can be entered manually or to select one of the offered options: use the current page, use a bookmark or restore by default. If as house you want to use one of the saved bookmarks, select the middle button and specify the location of the necessary bookmark. Click it and add to a line for the homepage of the browser.

9. In Opera click on the top icon of the browser, open "Settings", then – "General settings" and in the line "House" write the address of the necessary page. For saving settings click "OK".

10. In Internet Explorer the transition to settings is carried out when clicking a gear icon. Select "Internet Options" and specify the necessary address in the line "Home page".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team