How to return the password from mail

How to return the password from mail

Modern mail services have several levels of safety. Even if you will forget the password from a mailbox, you have several paths for its recovery. The confidential information excluding gaining access to a mailbox by the third parties will be used at the same time.


1. Give the correct answer to a confidential question. It will open access to the system of password recovery. A way using a confidential question - one of the oldest security measures of a box which is present practically at all mail services. Specify a confidential question together with the answer during registration of an electronic mailbox. It can be or standard ("The brand of the first car", "The last 5 digits of INN", "A maiden name of mother"), or own which text you will have to create. Select a confidential question so that the answer to it was known only by you. It will help to prevent cracking of a mailbox.

2. Enter the address of an additional mailbox. This e-mail address is specified along with a confidential question during registration of mail. If you solve return the password by means of this way, then after the indication of the e-mail address there will be a check of earlier specified address, and in case of coincidence the instruction for return of the password will be sent to this address. Before recovering the password in this way, make sure that you have access to an additional mailbox.

3. Use mobile phone which number is tied to the account of e-mail. Some services of e-mail apply account verification by means of the SMS message sent to the specified mobile phone number. This number can be also used for password recovery. To return the password from the mail account which underwent verification in the special field enter the phone number on which the message will come with the special digital code. Enter this code in the following field then you get access to the e-mail. Pay attention that phone should be in advance specified in the account, otherwise this way of recovery cannot be applied.

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