How to return the stolen account

How to return the stolen account

Crimes in the form of theft of accounts of mailboxes, profiles and even the whole websites are very widespread in social networks now. For this reason developers of any given resource offer a special package of measures for return of a stolen property.


1. Try to restore control over the lost account by own efforts. If malefactors took control of your profile, normal change of the password can help to return it. Look for the Password recovery button on the website and follow the specified instructions. Quite often at registration together with the password it is offered to enter a confidential question and also the answer to it. Remember it and specify in the respective field. If at registration you specified the additional postal address, you will be able to receive the new password on it.

2. Restore the account if you made its binding to the cell phone. For this purpose it is enough to select the corresponding item in the menu of the website and to follow instructions. The special code which will need to be entered for obtaining the new temporary password for the page will come to your phone number. If malefactors took control of your sim card or have access to it, contact your cellular operator to block number, and then to restore a sim card.

3. Contact technical support of a resource for the help. Describe under what conditions you lost access to the account. Some websites suggest to fill a special form for acceleration of the procedure of restoring access. After a while on the postal address specified by you the answer will come with further instructions for recovery.

4. Set the new password as soon as access to the account is restored. It should be rather difficult further to avoid repetition of a situation with cracking. Use uppercase and capital letters and also digits and other characters. Length of the password should be not less than 8-10 characters.

5. You do not store the password in open access on the computer and better do not write it on paper. It is the most ideal to hold the password in the head, but if all of you worry that all of you will forget it, you store it in places, remote for other people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team