How to run a wireless internet the hands

How to run a wireless internet the hands

For creation of a wireless network use the routers or routers capable to work in the access point mode. Data transmission happens on Wi-fi technology.

It is required to you

  • Wi-Fi router.


1. Select the network equipment satisfying to your requests. Surely make sure that the router given Wi-Fi is capable to create the access points working in the necessary mode. Select suitable Wi-Fi the router, proceeding their requirements imposed to a wireless network.

2. Connect the equipment to the alternating current main, having installed it in the right place. Connect a cable of Internet access to the device. Usually WAN or Internet ports are for this purpose used. Now by means of the twisted pair cable connect the network interface card of the laptop or the computer to the router LAN connector.

3. Turn on the network equipment and the computer connected to it. After loading of the operating system open the web browser and pass into the web interface of the Wi-fi settings of the router. Usually network devices possess internal IP address or

4. Open the Internet Setup (WAN) menu. Perform tuning of operation parameters Wi-Fi of the router. Be guided at the same time by the recommendations of your provider. If you want to connect several computers to network, then activate the NAT and DHCP functions. Save settings of the device and reboot it. Reopen the web interface of the router. Pass into the Status menu and make sure that the equipment got access to network.

5. Open the Wireless Setup menu. Specify operation modes wireless access currents. Surely specify suitable types of a radio signal and safety. Do not forget to set rather difficult password. Once again reboot Wi-Fi the router, previously having saved settings.

6. Disconnect the network cable from the computer and execute connection to the created access point. Start the web browser and check activity of connection with the Internet.

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