How to save data in Opera

How to save data in Opera

During the work on the Internet the user often should save any given data. To save pages in the necessary format or not to look for then the downloaded files on all hard drive of the computer, it is necessary to configure the browser correctly.


1. To configure saving files in the folder necessary to you, start the browser, open "Service – Settings – In addition – Loadings". In the field of "Save the Loaded Files in", specify storage location of files in the lower part of a window – press the Browse button and select the necessary folder. Save changes, having clicked "OK".

2. When downloading files – for example, archives, programs, images, etc., they will be saved in the specified folder. Right after the beginning of downloading the Loadings tab will be open, you will be able to monitor process of downloading of the file. If for any reason the downloading stopped, you can begin it again, having clicked in this Restart tab.

3. Sometimes downloading stops without error message. In this case click "Stop", then "Renew". Usually this way it is possible to download up to the end the file, but sometimes there is a failure – downloading process very quickly is completed, appears the message that loading of the file is complete. But actually it remains cut off. In this case it should delete and try to be loaded again.

4. When loading pages of the websites pay attention to in what format they are saved. By default Opera saves them in the *.mht format. It is convenient option of saving as all page with images and other elements is located in one file. When viewing the pages saved on a disk by means of the Opera you will have no problems, but the attempt to open them in other browser can be unsuccessful. If you want the saved pages to be guaranteed available in any browser, save them in the *.html format.

5. After downloading of the file you can pass into the folder supporting him at once, having clicked with a mouse the appeared message about the end of loading. The second option: on the Loadings tab click a line with the file, the right mouse button select the Open the Folder item. This option is useful and if you do not know where the file was saved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team