How to save passwords in the opera

How to save passwords in the opera

Occupation surfing on the Internet assumes existence of registration on the different websites, for example, on social networks (VKontakte, my World, Schoolmates). The ordinary user is registered at 10-15 any projects. How do you think, to really remember such quantity if in each project to use different passwords? Most likely, no. And if you are to users of the web browser from the Opera company, then have an opportunity not to store all passwords in the head or on paper.

It is required to you

  • - Opera web browser
  • - registration data (login and password)


1. In the Opera browser the idea of saving credentials of the user at registration is well implemented. It is called ""a staff of passwords"". Also it is called ""password manager"". This tool of the browser allows to maintain any amount of registration data like ""login password"". It should be noted that at frequent registration on the websites there is an opportunity to fill a form with the data. It will save you from repeated data entry. After filling of this form, having passed to the website where registration is required, you will be able to insert all the data, using a context menu (right mouse button - ""insert personal data"").

2. When entering your data into the registration form of the website check repeatedly entered data. After that click ""Registration"" - on top pages the narrow panel of saving the password will appear - click ""Save"". After these actions you will be able to visit this website, under the login, without excess actions.

3. Sometimes there are failures in the browser does not want to save passwords from the websites. In such cases it is necessary to start editing function of all parameters of the browser: enter into an address bar ""opera:config#UserPrefs|TrustServerTypes"" - click ""Enter"" - check opposite to the selected point.

4. Also there are cases when it is necessary to delete the passwords saved by us in the browser. Click the Tools menu - ""Settings"" - ""Forms"" - ""Passwords"". Before you the window with the list of the websites for which you selected saving the login and password will open. Select the necessary website and click ""Delete"", then click ""OK"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team