How to save the blog from non-working links

How to save the blog from non-working links

Non-working (beaten) links can arise for various reasons. Most often they appear at internal relinking - the page on which the link conducts, can not exist any more, and the link remains. Such links are also called dead. Search engines are negative to their existence and can lower a resource in delivery therefore it is important to get rid of them.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - FTP client;


1. Download and install a plug-in of Broken Link Checker. It can be done in two ways.

1) Download archive in a plug-in with, unpack it and by means of the ftp-client load the folder with a plug-in into Wp-content/Plugins.
2) Through the administrator panel of WordPress in the section ""Plug-ins"". Click ""Add a Plug-in"" and enter the required name. After installation do not forget to activate it.

2. The plug-in begins to work right after activation. All found non-working references can be seen on the Parameters page - ""Verification of links"". Settings at Broken Link Checker quite a lot: it is possible to specify in what places of the blog the search, a possibility of load control on the server, setup of frequency of rescanning and many other things will be carried out.

3. To view the report, pass in the admin panel into ""Tools"" - ""The wrong links"". On this page you will be able to delete all links or to edit them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team