"How to save the page of Yandex starting"

"How to save the page of Yandex starting"

At frequent use of the popular search engine "Yandex" it is not necessary to gather every time its address in line or to look for in bookmarks. Having installed it instead of the homepage, it is possible to get automatically on it when opening the browser.


1. Actions for saving Yandex in the form of the homepage differ depending on the used Internet observers and their versions. In each of them it is installed differently.

2. To make this page starting in the Opera browser, start it, and then select in the main menu, provided by letter "O" in the upper left corner of the page, the section "Setup". In the appeared context menu click on the inscription "General settings". Before you the settings window opened, select in it "Begin with the home page" near the inscription "At Start". And in the field located below enter the address of the necessary search engine – http://www.yandex.ru. Now at start of the browser you will get on the page of Yandex.

3. If you use the observer of Internet Explorer, select in the main dropdown menu undressed "Service", and in it – "Internet Options". Click in the appeared window the General tab and enter the necessary address in the field under the inscription "Home page". Then click Apprx. Pay attention that the main menu is presented in later version by an icon of the mechanical wheel placed at the left.

4. In the Mozilla Firefox web browser come into the main menu at the top of the page, select the Tools item and pass into the section "Setup". Select the Main tab and the section "Start" in the appeared window. Hammer the address of Yandex in the field near the inscription "Home page". Click on a button Apprx.

5. During the work with Google Chrome click on an icon in the form of the wrench located in the upper left corner and select in the appeared Parameters menu. In the opened tab click the section "Main", check about the inscription "Following Page", and in the neighboring field hammer http://www.yandex.ru. Click the ENTER key and close the browser. At new start of Chrome Yandex will be the homepage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team