How to secure itself on the Internet

How to secure itself on the Internet

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The Internet became an integral part of our life. We shop online, we pay bills, we communicate and we work. But, if to wander about network bezdumyono, there is a risk to poyoluchit a virus on the komyopyyuter, to lose important data or money.

Significantly to reduce risks, it is enough to soyoblyudat simple rules of the safe Internet.

The phishing will not pass

Visiting the unfamiliar sites, we risk to become the victims of a phishing. The FiYoshing is a special type of computer fraud. Swindlers create the counterfeit website which looks as the website of bank or inyoternet-shop. When you enter the login, the password or the PIN code on the similar website, they avtomatiyochesk become izvestyona to malefactors. Not to fall a victim of a phishing:

Mailbox under protection

Malefactors can send you letters on behalf of bank or other known organization. The text of the message is made so that to provoke poluchateyolya to instant rash actions. How to secure itself?

We swing and do not worry

Having downloaded free of charge necessary program or other mateyoriala, you risk to ustanoyovit a virus together with the program. How to avoid it?

Safe purchases

Not to lose a denyyoga, making purchases in online stores, execute the following rules:

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