How to see invisible in icq

How to see invisible in icq

Social networks, mobile communication - all this is directed to communication of people with each other at considerable distances. icq enjoys wide popularity. Messages according to icq reach very quickly, and costs of it leaves very little that seduces users even more.


1. Icq the system is full of different additions. If desired the person can accept pictures through it, transfer documents, throw links and many other things. One more very convenient thing in "ICQ" is to become "invisible". Very convenient function if you do not want to communicate with any person, and can with group of certain persons. But also others quite often disappear.

2. To learn who hides, itself can download on phone the program with "eye of Omniscience". This function allows to find the person, to be exact, the program displays the login of that person which disappears in a window. If you in "ICQ" have "eye of Omniscience", then it is possible to try to look who and how long hides from you.

3. Turn on phone, load the program, enter your data, namely, the login and the password. After the program is started and your contact list there will be a list of your friends, come into the menu of the program and find "eye of Omniscience" there. Click it and, later couple of seconds, before you there will be a list of "invisible beings". There is also it that the network or phone can glitch and these ""hiding"" people do not hide at all. But such error can occur extremely seldom. The good program should not bring the owner therefore download programs only from the checked websites.

4. Constantly not to climb in the menu and not to look for there "eye of Omniscience", it is possible just to assign this function for one of "hot keys". Come into the ICQ menu, select "interface", then "hot keys" there and for each button of the phone assign on a certain function of the program. After clicking of that button which you wrote function of "eye of Omniscience" phone will be presented to you by the list of those who "kind of" not in network.

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