How to select the browser by default

How to select the browser by default

On one computer several Web browsers can be installed. In what all Internet pages automatically open at link navigation will be considered as the browser by default. The user can select the browser by default, having set the corresponding settings.


1. Together with the Windows operating system the Internet Explorer Web browser is automatically installed. Until you install other application for work on the Internet, it will be considered as the browser by default.

2. After you install any other browser, at its first start it will be offered to you to make the new observer the browser by default. If you suit such option, just agree with it in a request window.

3. If you want to select independently the browser by default (to assign new or to pass back from new to old), you need to set the necessary parameters. To make the browser by default Internet Explorer, start it and select the Internet Options item in the menu "Service".

4. Go in the opened dialog box to the Programs tab. In the Program of the Overview by Default group press the Use by Default button. Note a marker the Report if Internet Explorer Is Not Used by Default field and apply new settings.

5. To select the browser by default of Mozilla Firefox, start the observer and in the Tools menu select the Setup item. The new dialog box will open, go in it to the Additional tab. In the System settings group note a marker the Always to Check at Start whether Firefox Is the Browser by Default point.

6. Press the Check Now button. The program will execute check and will suggest to make Firefox the browser by default. Accept the offer, having answered in the affirmative in a request window. Save changes, having pressed the OK button. The dialog box will be closed automatically.

7. Approximately by the same principle it is possible to make any observer the browser by default. Look for in the menu, and then in settings of the browser buttons, similar in sense, and commands. Do not forget to apply the made changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team