How to select the name for the blog?

How to select the name for the blog?

The name of your resource should be solid, commanding respect and, at the same time, easy for storing. At the same time it is desirable that it did not match the domain address, but it already a matter of taste.

As you will call the boat, so it also will float

This principle is applicable also when choosing a name of your blog. Because it will be seen by visitors, having got on your Internet resource. Think, you would become farther to browse, for example, the entertaining website with the name ""Solar Hole"" or tourist Predopleka? Most likely, no. As well as many other Internet users. So, this blog will not be fated to be untwisted well. Even if on it there will be very interesting articles.

4 important factors when choosing a name

Actually it is much more factors, but we will call the main:

1. Accord with the domain and contents. The name should match on sense the blog address. That is, if your domain womå you do not name the Summer lightning resource and to write about backpackings. And here the names ""I Am a Woman!"", ""A female look"", ""Women's secrets"" - are very quite good. Especially as in this case one more rule - both in the domain is considered and at the name of the blog there is the same keyword - the woman. 

2. Sense. The name should be distinct and clear. You should not think out abracadabra. The visitor should understand at once about what your blog. For example, the name ""Serving spoon"", and for tourist - ""Traveller"" or ""Intourist"" very well is suitable for the culinary blog. 

3. Originality. The name needs to be thought out, unique, unlike names of someone else's blogs. So, if on the first page in searchers there is a female blog ""The Input Is Prohibited to Men"" you should not name the resource ""To men the input is closed" "or" "To men of an input is not present"". It will give nothing to you in respect of promotion. 

4. Attractiveness. It is unconditional, quite good if at the name of the blog there are such words as: love, money, freedom, happiness, etc. They attract to themselves attention. 

So, here 4 main issues to which it is worth paying attention when choosing a name for the blog. But do not forget that if on the Internet resource you write about that, as for personally you, or you offer any services, then it can give also own name. For example: ""Blog by Anastasia Skripkina" "or" "Culinary blog by Natalya Pivovarova"". Now so many bloggers do. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team