How to select the program for cutting of MP3 files

How to select the program for cutting of MP3 files

Programs for editing MP3 files help to process the necessary audio-track as it is necessary for the user. They allow to cut off a soundtrack, to eliminate defects of audio, to change the speed, tone height, to improve quality and to add some effects. Such programs exists much, both paid, and free, and all of them are quite ordinary in use. The user needs only to select the most suitable and to begin work.


The simple and program easy in use allowing to work with audio-files of MP3 format at the same time without pressing them and without worsening their quality. After trimming and all other necessary transformations the audio-track will save the initial sounding.
One more opportunity of the program – possible use of basic effects, for example: attenuation, increase of a sound, etc.


This program is interesting that Linux can work not only with Windows, but also with Mac OS. But not in it its main advantage, and that it allows to work with several audio-tracks at the same time. That is, the user can change in parallel 2-3 tracks: cut from one piece, insert it into the second, impose one on another and so forth.

The program works not only with a MP3 format, but also with WAV, FLAC, OGG Vorbis. It allows to change the speed, tone height and also to adjust quality of an audio-track.
In addition Audacity can work with sound recording: write as from the microphone, and a linear input.



This program is very simple in use and allows to save a lot of time, when saving the cut audio fragment it does not execute repeated decoding. It provides maintaining initial quality of sounding of the audio-file.
In addition to the MP3 program supports a set of other formats: WAV, WM, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, AAC.

Wave Editor

One more excellent program allowing simply to cut off and quickly audio-tracks. The menu very easy and not oversaturated by excessive functions, generally the program allows to make standard operations on editing a track.
However, there is also a possibility of use of effects. It is possible to insert smooth increase of a sound or attenuation into an audio-track, it is possible to normalize a sound, to invert and even to export to a WAV format.
The program supports formats: MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM, ADPCM, GSM61, DSP, A-LAW, U-LAW and so forth).


And this program – quite serious and powerful editor of audio can be also used not only for trimming and superficial editing a track. In it there is a huge number of functions for processing of audiofiles: attenuation, removal of a vocal, adding of effect of silence, transfer from a stereo in mono, normalization of a sound and volume level and so forth.
Plus to everything, the program supports all main audioformats and allows to convert one into another.


One of the most powerful and used sound editors who is not conceding on functionality to professional programs for work with a sound. The program allows not only to edit standardly the audiofile, but also to convert it into a set of different formats, to add audio effects, to write a sound from external devices, etc.
In addition to a MP3 all main audioformats are supported.

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