How to select the software

How to select the software

Many staff and heads of small firms has difficulties with the choice of the software. Not always it is possible to find an ideal combination of quality of a product and the price which should be paid for it.


1. It is better to use disputes on what software (paid or free) are conducted very long. Everyone should decide that to it it is really more important. You should not assume that paid programs have huge amount of advantages and have no shortcomings at all. It not always so.

2. Select several programs which will be suitable for implementation of tasks necessary to you. Attentively study their features. Many developers of the paid software give an opportunity of conducting evaluation testing. Download the "trialny" version of the program and try to work with it. Perhaps, in few weeks you will be ready to pay for an opportunity to work with this utility further.

3. Evaluate load of the system created by the program. The lack of some powerful paid programs is that they have a huge number unnecessary function. For example, Microsoft Office possesses a wide range of functions. Along with it, the ordinary user uses only the World and Exel utilities. Their functionality is easily replaced with the Open Office program which is distributed for free.

4. One more negative point of use of the qualitative paid software are its high system requirements. The majority of free utilities is capable to work steadily even on weak "office" computers. Think whether you are ready to buy new PCs for work with the necessary applications.

5. An essential lack of freely distributed software – absence of technical support. The possibility of timely receiving the help in its setup is extremely important for work with some applications. Naturally, it is great advantage in favor of paid programs.

6. If to speak about antivirus software, then it is better not to save on this type of programs. A practice shows that low-quality protection of a system can lead not only to failures in its work, but also to loss extremely important, and sometimes even the classified information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team