How to select the text on the website

How to select the text on the website

Modern browsers allow to select the text character-by-character, line by line or entirely, and then to copy in a clipboard. It is possible then to place results of such copying in entry forms on other pages and also in the documents processed by text editors.


1. In all browsers for desktop computers the selection of the text is carried out equally. To select a fragment, use a mouse. Bring an arrow to the beginning of a fragment, press the left button, and then, holding this button, conduct an arrow by the end of a fragment. Sign that characters are selected will be change of background color around them, and sometimes and their. Colors in which they will be colored depend on settings of the graphic interface of the operating system.

2. It is also possible to select all text on the page at once. For this purpose click on the keyboard the Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut (letter A Latin) or select the Editing item in the menu - "Select everything" (it can be also called "Select everything"). In the data entry field the text can be selected, having brought the cursor to the beginning of a fragment, having clicked Shift, and then, holding it, keys with shooters having translated the cursor by the end of a fragment and having released Shift. In such fields it is also possible to use the Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut stated above.

3. In mobile phones the selection of the text is carried out in a bit different way. In some platforms, for example, of Series 40, it is not provided in general. In Series 60 it is possible to select the text only in the data entry field. For this purpose bring the cursor to the beginning of a fragment, and then select it with the way stated above with only that difference that instead of the SHIFT key it is necessary to use a pencil image button. Some smartfor on the Series 60 platform have alphabetic keyboards. Such devices are supplied with two keys with the shooters directed up - they are analogs of the SHIFT keys on keyboards of computers. If phone has also a Ctrl key, it can be used for input of a combination of Ctrl-A.

4. Selection of text fragments not in the data entry field, and on the page it is possible to carry out only means of third-party browsers, for example, of new versions of UC and Opera Mini. In the first use for this purpose a menu item "Tools" - "Copy" - "Freely kopek", and in the second - key 1, and then for the indication of the beginning and the end of a fragment be guided by hints which will appear on phone screen. In both cases the selected fragment can be placed in a clipboard at once (if it is about Java application, then it will be the buffer of the program, but not phone).

5. In all other cases as on the computer, and on the phone, the highlighted text should be copied in the buffer manually. For this purpose when using the computer or smartphone with the alphabetic keyboard click Ctrl-C (letter C - also Latin). At the device on the Series 60 platform with the numeric keypad press a pencil image button, hold it, and in a second in the lower part of the screen the hint will appear. Click that subscreen key over which will be written "Copy". And for a fragment insert in the editor or the data entry field click Ctrl-V or a key with a pencil in combination with a subscreen key over which will be written "Insert".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team