How to send a congratulation by mail

How to send a congratulation by mail

Congratulating the friend, you, first of all, wish to express the feelings, to transfer the respect for it. It is possible to congratulate the person personally, but if he is from you far, then send the festive message on land or e-mail. The recipient will be very happy with your attention.


1. Come to post office and select one of the pleasant cards. Often in it there are already congratulatory words, but it is better to write something and the hand. Do not forget to buy the corresponding brand or an envelope.

2. However do everything in advance that the notification arrived on time. Such card will please the friend not less, than virtual. You make sure of it when in reply receive a similar congratulation. This way of sending messages still did not become outdated.

3. Use the following option. Now many people prefer to send letters via e-mail. Undoubtedly, it very quickly and conveniently. Some social networks suggest to use applications where it is possible to select a beautiful card from big variety of types.

4. In a window for writing of text phrases think up and write warm words to the friend or the relative. There will be enough two-three offers. The main thing that the recipient guessed that you want to wish it good luck and good heartily.

5. Contact it by name, try to give to the friend the good mood. The congratulation should be with "highlight". Do not copy someone else's expressions, and try to create own text if it is possible, then it is better in verses. It is possible to add a mood music and different special effects to the message.

6. Think up and develop the unique card by means of the photoshop. Use your imagination, and then send a congratulation to the addressee. It can look much more interesting and more attractive, than the plain text which you usually send by e-mail.

7. Use service of drawing up a voice message. At the same time you have a choice: write it independently or take ready. It is possible to attach the suitable image and the video file to the notification. Generally, opportunities for this purpose are enough.

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