How to send a free card

How to send a free card

There is a mass of ways to make pleasant to darling. A virtual card – a great way to congratulate the loved one, to encourage or just to lighten the mood. It is possible to find several useful and functional services for sending free cards in network.


1. To send a card, pass to one of the websites offering sending virtual cards. It can be,, or any other resource. Then select the card which was pleasant to you and corresponding to a case.

2. All cards are sorted by events. For example, you can pick up a virtual congratulation by the Birthday or a holiday on March 8 and also just to send the cheerful picture. The card can be in the form of the photo, the drawing or the animated picture. Besides, some services suggest to draw the original picture independently. To make it, it is not necessary to be the artist – just show imagination, and special online tools will allow to create a small masterpiece.

3. After you selected a card, think up the original signature to it. Often cards already contain the text of a congratulation or wish. In that case you should not add excess words.

4. Most services for sending cards suggest to select a tune which will come together with the sent card. The soundtrack will originally add your virtual courtesy.

5. Now it was necessary to enter the e-mail address of the recipient and also date and time of receiving a card in the respective field. It is possible to send!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team