How to send and sell the picture on the Internet

How to send and sell the picture on the Internet

Copywriting is not the only way of sale of works on the Internet. In addition to texts, it is possible to trade also in images. For this purpose the websites called microdrains serve.


1. Understand a difference between the terms "image bank" and "microdrain". An image bank it is possible to call any service allowing to extend pictures or other images paid or gratuitously. A microdrain is called only such image bank nonprofessional photographers are allowed to participation in which. If it is paid, then the fees in it it is much less, than in a professional image bank, but also requirements to quality are underestimated to such an extent that allow to do without the studio equipment.

2. Register on one or several paid microdrains, for example, of Fotolia, Istockfoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime. When choosing the website be guided by the following criteria: a way of receiving the fees (electronic money, bank transfer), existence of automatic payment of a tax on income, requirements to permission of images, a possibility of the conclusion of the non-exclusive contract (then the same picture can be offered for sale on two or several microdrains at once), an opportunity to sell the same work on the same microdrain several times. At once reject the offers assuming paid registration.

3. Buy the high-quality digital camera - at least being in the use, but possessing not only a large matrix, but also good optics (for the second reason the cell phone, even with the 5-megapixel camera, for sale is of little use for production of pictures). If your work is effective, this investment will quickly pay off as what better executed pictures, that high probability that they will be acquired. The beginning photographers are not recommended to buy the mirror device at once - in inexperienced hands he will remove even worse than normal. It is possible to make investments in "reflex camera" then when collect experience, and means.

4. If you wish to begin work without preliminary investments in the camera, find such website where it is possible to sell works of computer graphics. Master one of programs for creation of images on the computer. It is better to begin with a free Inkscape package, and after accumulation of funds from sale of images it is possible to buy the paid Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator program (or to make these investments in the camera and instead of works of computer graphics to begin to sell pictures).

5. Learn what images of subject best of all are on sale on that microdrain where you are going to work. Also offer such pictures or pictures for sale most often. During creation of works completely observe requirements imposed to them. As the fee for the picture is defined by its permission, do not reduce it artificially, except for cases when it allows to hide defects of shooting. And do not try to plagiarize at all - it will be surely found and stopped. Even if not to make you responsible, an opportunity to sell images on that website where you were convicted of plagiarism, will be closed for you forever. Do not allow hit in a shot of the protected works, including, architecture. In addition to copyright, observe the right for the image of the citizen regulated by Article 152.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. On some websites sale of images of objects with well noticeable trademarks is prohibited - in this case delete logos from pictures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team