How to send mail

How to send mail

Send e-mails – one of necessary skills of work of many specialists in absolutely different fields of activity. Already sending information messages by fax consigns to the past, you should not wait when phone is released and will answer on that end of a wire, to watch how the device swallows a line behind a line and to call back to learn whether all is visible there. Now everything is much simpler, it is only necessary to fill the respective fields on the server of e-mail or in an email client and to click "Send".

It is required to you

  • To learn to send e-mails to you it is necessary to have Internet connection, the registered mailbox on one of e-mail servers, a destination address of your message and information prepared for sending. It is desirable to send your mail from the e-mail address registered on your name which can be created by means of your colleagues. In this case the addressee will see the letter from you in the list of incoming mail at once.


1. As it was told above, letters can be sent via e-mail servers, for example, of, and others and also by means of programs for work with the mailboxes installed on your computer, such as Microsoft Office Outlook, Bat and other. There is no basic difference in work on sending messages as these two ways as, there and there are similar fields which need to be filled correctly. The only advantage of the email clients installed on your computer is that in them it is possible to carry out some functions, without connecting to the web. For example, to prepare the letter for sending, to find the letters received or sent earlier, to edit the address book that can be relevant at limited use of the Internet.

2. And now directly about sending. At first you start the browser or an email client, come into the mailbox, applying its full address and the password specified at registration. Usually at once the list of incoming messages opens. Then you look for the Write or Create the Message point at the top of a window and click it.

3. In the dug-out window you fill fields to "Whom" and "Subject". When entering a destination address Latin letters it is necessary to be accurater - one passed or incorrectly keyed, and your letter at best will return back, and in the worst will get lost in a wild jungle of a world wide web. If it is several recipients, the addresses need to be written through a comma or a semicolon. For the same purposes it is possible to use the Copy field located below.

4. In a big field under subjects of the letter it is necessary to write the body text of your letter. In need of sending together with the letter of the document, you need to open the Attach the File field in the same window of the e-mail server or in the program to click a button "Attach the file" with the image of an office paper clip which is in the Insert tab.

5. After the done actions it is necessary to double-check all fields on existence of typos, to make sure that the necessary file and, is attached only after that, to press the Send button.

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