How to send SMS from the computer to Megafon

How to send SMS from the computer to Megafon

The SMS ("Short Message Service" - "short message service", English) is a modern mobile technology thanks to which we can receive and transfer short text messages from one mobile phone to another. Except sending the SMS from phone there is an opportunity to send messages from the computer.


1. All telecom operators have the SMS standards similar each other: 140 characters of the text Latin or 70 characters of the text Cyrillics. Thanks to mobile technologies, it is possible to attach a monophonic tune or the monographic image of a certain permission on the message. This function is called EMS.Odnako, for Sms MegaFon and any other operator collects a payment according to conditions of a data plan if the SMS on the rate not of a bezlimitna selected by the subscriber. Therefore it is much more expedient to send free the SMS from the computer or the smartphone, using special service of the MegaFon company under the name "SendSMS".

2. To send the free message to the subscriber of mobile operator MegaFon regardless of the region of connection, open the browser and enter the following URL into an address bar: then click "Enter". As soon as the page of the website is loaded, you will see a special form for input and the subsequent sending the short text message. In this form there are 4 fields.

3. In the first field it is necessary to select the area code from the list. By default "+7 962", however you can replace the beginning of number with another, available in the list. To the right of the code the data entry field of number is located. Here it is necessary to enter the subscriber number MegaFon in a seven-digit format.

4. The third field – the field for filling with the text, or a Sms. Pay attention to the counter in a corner showing how many still characters it is possible to gather. Here it is possible to select time of delivery of the message and to include a transliteration.

5. And at last, the fourth field – input of a kapcha. Enter into it the code from the picture represented is slightly higher. Normally it is 4-5 digits or letters. After filling of all fields click "Send". The message will be delivered within several minutes or in the selected delivery time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team