How to send SMS from the computer to MTS

How to send SMS from the computer to MTS

If you have no means on the account of the mobile phone, then you will be able to send the Sms from the official site of MTS or directly from the computer. And both sending, and use of the special program will be completely free.


1. Open the website of operator. You will get on the homepage. In its right part you will see the Send SMS/MMS point. Click on it. Specify number of your mobile phone, then number of that subscriber to which you want to send the message in the appeared form. After that type the text (it can consist at most of 140 characters). Press Next that the system sent you a confirmation code. Enter it in the field and complete sending the message.

2. To pass to sending the SMS from the computer, click on the column located at the left on the same page. It is called "Enhanced features of sending". Further you will pass "SMS/MMS from the computer" to service. It is developed especially for fast sending not only the SMS, but also MMS messages from the PC or the laptop. To use it, download the program from the official site of the operator and install it on the device.

3. Now make registration of the program. For this purpose start it and specify number of your mobile phone in the appeared window. Then gather on the phone the USSD request *111*31# and press the call key. Its sending will be free. Wait for receipt of the Sms with the code and click "Further". Pay attention: number should begin with +7. If registration took place successfully, you will see the corresponding notification.

4. From this point you will be able freely to use the program. Select the New SMS item, specify the message recipient. To you number will be put down in the respective field automatically. Enter the necessary text and click on the inscription "Send". After that you will be able to see the status of the sent message. Besides, installation of the schedule according to which it is necessary to send the SMS is available to you (you can select immediate sending or specify the exact time). For this purpose after transition to the New SMS point click on the icon close to the Send button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team