How to send the animated cards

How to send the animated cards

Today there is a set of the ways allowing the user to transfer certain files to other people on the Internet. Such it is possible to carry the animated cards to number. They became popular among net surfers as congratulations by any holidays. Especially ""animashka"" can give all your feelings and wishes without words.

It is required to you

  • computer,
  • Internet access


1. There are two easiest and popular ways of departure of the animated cards on the Internet: sending by e-mail and also sending through different types of messengers (for example: Skype, mail agent, ICQ).

2. That departure the animated card by e-mail, you need to know the e-mail address (e-mail) of the recipient. Open a page of a mailer which you use, be authorized. As soon as you are included into service, using the login and the password, you need to pass to the page of writing of the new letter.

3. On the page of sending the letter specify a destination address and also fill the Subject field. In a body of the letter write the address to the recipient if that is provided. In the lower part of a page you will see the Attach the File button. Having clicked this button, find the animated card on the computer and attach it to the letter. Having waited for loading of the file, click "Send". The recipient will receive your card issued in a letter body.

4. Departure of the animated card by means of programs messengers. The algorithm of actions looks similarly in any messenger. To send the animated card in such a way, you need to begin a dialog with the interlocutor. Find the Send Files button in a window of a chat. Having pressed this button, you will be able to find the necessary card on the computer and to load it into a sending form. After the interlocutor confirms reception of the file, its transfer will be begun. In completion of transfer the recipient will receive the animated card in the same view in which it is on your computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team