How to send the document of VKontakte

How to send the document of VKontakte

Users of personal computers not only by e-mail, but also through some social networks can send files. So, participants of the website of VKontakte can send to friends on network music, documents, a photo, videos, up to 200 MB.


1. On social network "VKontakte" the user of the website can attach to the message practically any document, including text messages, musical files, video, photos and pictures, cards and even gifts. For this purpose it is necessary to come at first into the profile, previously having entered the login and the password used as credentials. After that find the My Messages point in the left part of the screen and click the link for transition to the page of messages to the section "Dialogs".

2. Select the user necessary to you from the list of dialogs and click a line with its avatar, thereby you will pass to the page of correspondence with this participant. In the bottom empty margin write the message. For sending together with the letter of any file click being under the message "Attach" and in the dropping-out window select type of the necessary file: the document demanded to you. Specify the location of the file intended for sending in the opened new window, select it by means of a mouse and add to the message.

3. It is remarkable that you can send files as from the personal page, from the albums which are available for you on the page from the statuses, and from the folder of the computer or from the removable medium of information. It will be for this purpose necessary to click the link "Load the Photo", "Attach Video" and to select the necessary document. After that it will be necessary only to wait until the file is attached to the message and to click "Send" or use keys of the Enter or Ctrl+Enter keyboard (depending on settings).

4. Documents can also be sent from those folders that are stored on your page, and that in the computer or on the USB stick.

5. However it is possible to attach VKontakte not all file formats. In particular, it concerns the presentations, files of *.exe and some other which, at first sight, cannot be sent together with the message. But, it appears, this problem is solved. For this purpose it is necessary to pack all files into the zip archive (click the file with the right mouse button and in the dropping-out window select the option "Add to Archive").

6. After that it is necessary to change filename extension with *.zip to *.docx or *.doc. In the following window confirm the solution "Execute Change" with the Yes button. Now you can safely attach the archived file, without having forgotten to notify in the accompanying message the user that when obtaining the document it will be necessary to change its expansion to *.zip and to extract files.

7. This way also when it is required to transfer for time several documents at once approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team