"How to send the fax if there is no device"

"How to send the fax if there is no device"

The lack of the fax machine is not an obstacle for sending the message on this communication link at all. If you have a normal personal computer, for exchange of facsimile messages you need only a small prefix - a faxmodem.


1. Buy the analog modem having function of work with facsimile messages. Consider that that ADSL modem which for certain is already available for you will not be suitable for this purpose. For the purpose of acquisition of a faxmodem it is necessary to contact not computer shops (there are no such modems as they are laid off), and on the markets, online auctions, etc.

2. Selecting such modem, be guided by two criteria. First, coding of the accepted and transmitted data in it should be carried out not programmatically, and hardware. Secondly, surely make sure that function of emulation of the fax machine in it really is. Buy the internal modem with the ISA interface only if the motherboard of your machine is equipped with the corresponding slot.

3. Correctly connect the modem to a telephone line. No splitter for this purpose is required, the device is enough to be attached parallel to the line. If you already have an ADSL modem, so, and connect a splitter, the analog modem parallel to any of telephone sets. During connection you hold a tube on one of parallel phones removed not to receive electric shock at an accidental incoming call.

4. Connect the modem to the computer, or if it internal, install it in the motherboard slot. The machine before it needs to be switched off. Connect the power supply to the external modem. On the computer install software necessary for reception and transfer of faxes. Programs of the corresponding assignment exist for Linux, Windows and even DOS. For example: HylaFax, Scan and Fax, Ecofax.

5. Further actions for fax transmission depend on what is used the program. Some of them require preliminary conversion of the document to a graphic format, for example, of TIFF. Having started the program, enter the phone number and select the file which needs to be transferred. Then click, the starting transfer, or, depending on the program, select the corresponding item in its menu. Remember that the majority of such programs allows not only to accept, but also to send faxes.

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