How to send the fax online

How to send the fax online

Services of the facsimile are convenient for sending documents and confidential information between secretaries of the companies. Sending the fax is carried out generally from one device on another, but in case of its absence it is possible to resort to the Internet.


1. In a world wide web there are many programs for sending online fax messages. It is possible to use them as it is free, and for a fee. Except them there is an opportunity to send letters online.

2. Find the program, having entered into a search string "The program for sending fax messages online". These applications can work as well as in offline mode, and in real time, that is at connection to the Internet. For example, the applications working in offline mode - FaxManager or VirtualOfficeTools. Respectively, if you use offline program, all data which are sent by fax will be delivered only after establishing connection to the Internet.

3. Scan the document prepared for sending on the computer. In sections of the program the reference with the inscription "Send the Fax" is had. If you click it, then the system to you will suggest to attach the necessary document and to enter the subscriber number. After you fill all fields, click the Send button. In the nearest future your message will arrive to the addressee.

4. Online resources are one more way for sending messages for the fax. Find the website providing such program, and fill a form. As a rule, it is necessary to specify in it coordinates of the recipient and the attached file which should be sent.

5. Some web resources and programs suggest to enter number of the sender. If you want the addressee to see your number, specify it. If you do not fill out this column, the recipient will not see your phone number or it it is incorrect to be displayed.

6. Prepare the test of the message with such format of the address: remoteprinter.имя_получателя@номер_факса also send it.

7. Paid accounts of applications for sending the fax online give to the owners the chance to increase length of the text and to change numbers.

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