How to send the fax online

How to send the fax online

The fax – an integral part of life of many companies. It is a convenient way to send confidential information and necessary documents. Usually for this purpose use special devices, but it is possible to carry out this procedure and online.


1. You can find one of programs by means of which it is possible to send quickly and reliably fax messages in the Internet. Such programs can be paid and free – what to select, solve to you. There are services which can send the fax document without downloading of the program.

2. To find the program, enter the corresponding request into search engine. Download that program which is necessary for you as some of them work only in the presence of connection, and for others work and in a standalone mode is possible. However even programs which can independently work will make data transfer process only when you connect the computer to the Internet. Therefore there is no fundamental difference between online services and independent clients on sending fax messages.

3. Before sending the document, scan it and save on the computer. Pay attention addressed to the file – it obligatory to be displayed at the one who will get the fax. Trace that it was correct – it will help you to avoid emergence of an awkward situation.

4. Come into the downloaded and installed program for sending the fax and find the option "Send the Fax". After you activate this option, attach the document scanned earlier and enter the fax number of the recipient in the necessary field. Then click "Send".

5. You can use also online resources on sending fax messages. Just fill a form on the website which provides such service. In the form coordinates of the one to whom you intend to send the fax are usually specified. Attach the file and activate sending.

6. From you can be required to enter number of the sender, that is your number. Usually it is not obligatory, but if you want that the recipient saw this number, specify it. If you do not have this number, then specify nothing. Specify incorrect number it is useless – it all the same will not be displayed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team