How to send the letter online

How to send the letter online

Normal paper letters go long, waiting of the answer forces to be nervous, missing information slows down affairs. Today time is expensive, retrocorrespondence gets out of fashion, its place is taken by fast information exchange by means of the Internet. If you and your addressee have mail on the Internet, then can use this benefit of a civilization.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - connection to the Internet.


1. E-mail allows to exchange letters online. This service is on all large information portals (Yandex, Mail, Rambler, Google and so forth). It is possible to get the e-mail on any of them, having been registered. The registration form usually is located near a form of an entrance to mail. It is necessary to click with the left mouse button a line: ""Registration in mail" "or" "Gets a mailbox"".

2. The registration form in which you should specify all necessary data will open: a surname, a name, date of birth, a floor, the place on the card, besides you think out the login (that is the name of a box) and the password to it (it is known only by you, it is necessary to secure your mail against foreign invasions). If the login which you selected is already occupied, then to you will automatically pick up options. If the password is insufficiently reliable, the system will tell what should be changed. Besides, the registration form contains special questions, answers to which you should remember: it is useful when you forget the password. For password recovery it is also possible to use phone, but if you do not want to specify it, then you will use a confidential question. At the end of registration specify digits or letters which are represented in the distorted view: the system identifies you as person, but not as the machine for automatic registration and spam sending. Last stroke: click "Register My Account".

3. We pass to writing of the letter. In any e-mail there is a Write the Letter button. Find and click. The form of writing of the letter will open.

4. Specify the address to which you write in a top line. Is a subject below, so the addressee when checking mail will understand at once about what the letter. The biggest field - for text typing of the message. If desired you can issue the letter (to select a background, to format the text, to attach the link, etc.). If it is necessary to send any file (music, the text document, the image), use the Attach button. When clicking it the overview of files on the computer opens, select what interests you, and click "Open" in a dialog box. The file will be attached to the letter. You can save at yourself the copy of the sent letter - ""Save as the draft copy"" further to change or add. If you consider that the letter is ready, click "Send". Ideally the letter comes to the addressee within several seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team